.                                                                                         Alas, Ms. Rodgers, we fear as a career politician your job is soon going to be over for you.

As the wise and angry people of the 5th district of Washington State clearly see what you do.

Partisan politics and climbing to the top are your goals; representing the people is just not you.

It’s clear that caring or knowing what we want, Ms. Rodgers, you just haven’t got a clue.


Like a lemming you blindly follow your party; too self-absorbed, uncaring and blind to see.

That with your personal and political desires the people in the 5th district no longer agree.

We no longer are willing to accept your lies, your hiding from us and spinning what you say.

Eight years of misrepresentation, the people of the 5th district are tired of you being this way.


Your form letters tout how very much you care, and not to worry, as you’ve got our backs.

Then you oppose paycheck fairness, protection for women and the Affordable Care Act.

Cutting funding for education from small children through college is where you stand.

Privatizing and educating only the wealthy children is your belief, not lending a helping hand.


Concerning the elderly, well to you they should get vouchers , and certainly no cost inflation.

And Medicaid, well, capped block grant programs is what you desire for the needy of our nation.

Billions in cuts for feeding hungry children, the elderly or the disabled, you agree wholly to support.

Stating protecting some women is a “side issue” is the representation of women that you purport.


You view the wealthy as truly important; the working class and poor just aren’t your concern

After all, it’s their problem that they didn’t work hard enough, so lots of riches they would earn.

So what if thousands of jobs are lost through the sequester, it won’t financially harm you

There’s no need for gun purchase background checks; just let people do what they’re inclined to do.


A strong, caring woman who is compassionate and listens to reason is simply not your forte

Instead we’ve been shown a weak, partisan, party-climber who is trying to have it her own way.

We didn’t put you in D.C. to be a rigid conservative with thoughts only of your personal power

We elected you to be strong leader, not stand in the background behind the GOP men and cower


Our nation is described as a place where our leaders believe in liberty and justice for all who live here

And fortunately the people in the 5th district’s chance to vote in an election is coming very near

Ms. Rodgers, your actions have shown us that it is definitely time for you to go back to your farm

Where your blind ambition and untruthful, uncaring ways can never again do the 5th District harm!


Patricia Bates

Clarkston, WA

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