(Letter-to-the-Editor) Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ canned Email response to my concerns about the current Israeli-Palestinian armed conflict reflects her alarming lack of understanding of the bases of the conflict and a callous attitude toward the sanctity of human life.

Her assertion twice that the Palestinian rocket attacks are “unprovoked” indicates a fundamental ignorance of the strangled economy and dire poverty inflicted on Gaza Strip Palestinians by the Israeli (and Egyptian) blockade.  And McMorris’s refusal to mention the over 2100 Palestinians killed, at least half innocent civilians and children, compared with the much fewer 67 Israeli deaths, all but 4 in combat, shows an alarming lack of respect for human life.

Any supposed political leader such as McMorris Rodgers should be well-informed and should educate the populace on the conflict rather than simply parrot the one-sided party line of the rich Israeli lobby.

Joe Pakootas’ background allows him a much deeper, more informed, balanced, and humanitarian understanding of the conflict.  As the world’s most enduring and complex conflict, its resolution would ease innumerable strained international relations, particularly involving the US.  But a deep understanding of the conflict is necessary for any hope of resolution.

(Please see here for another letter to the editor from the author about the Representative)

Norm Luther
Spokane, WA 99223

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