Protest of Cathy McMorris Rodger on Tax Cuts for Rich(Spokane, WA., Dec. 11, 2017) — Approximately 100 hearty protestors braved freezing temperatures at noon today to send a loud and frosty, clear message to U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, R-5th District.

“No More!, No More! the crowd shouted as they marched from Spokane’s Federal Building on Riverside Avenue and Monroe Street to McMorris Rogers Spokane Office on North Post Street. The crowd filled the street outside Rogers office to send a message to the Congresswoman that they object strenuously to the Republican tax bills now in Conference Committee in the House of Representatives.

Carol Bryan Singing Chant Against McMorris RodgersThe “No More” theme was repeated in satirical take-offs on traditional Christmas carols, aroused responses from the protesters to recitations of the provisions embedded in the current language of the tax bill that the crowd sees as attacks on the Affordable Care Act, new taxes on graduate student tuition subsidies and educational endowment funds and on public pension plan earnings.

It’s hard to find an economist or a Democrat who doesn’t see the two GOP proposals as detrimental to working class citizens, while bestowing billions of dollars in tax breaks to the top one percent on the economic scale.

T-Shirts Against McMorrisSo the crowd formed up like a marching band to spell out “No More” in white T-shirted protesters on Post Street, which had been temporarily closed to automobiles for the demonstration.

After the street demonstration, protestors with No More messages written on their T-shirts formed into a chain of their individual messages to McMorris Rogers spelled out in hand-written demands that stretched from the lobby to her office in the upper floors of the building at 10 North Post.

By Jim Wavada

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