.                                                                                                      Unfortunately, the hyper partisanship that the Walla Walla Union Bulletin sees in Cathy McMorris Rodgers can be found elsewhere. Morialekafa comments that


” …it is becoming more and more obvious our elected Congresspersons are now operating on the basis of personal grudges and animosities.

John McCain has confessed the Republican opposition to Senator Hagel can be traced to his criticism of former President Bush and his opposition to the Iraq war (never mind that Hagel was quite right about  all of this).

More importantly, however, is the now openly admitted opposition to President Obama because they do not like him. This is playground childishness if ever there was such, pathetic to the point of infantile rage. “

From Eastern Washington Liberal . . .

Listening to John McCain attempt to sound Senator-like, or as he has said “Country First”-like is very much akin to listening to a junior high jock try to defend his hazing of someone who has made him look bad.

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