Cathy McMorris-Rodgers Representative of the Rich

Your hypocrisy and greed are out of control and it’s now time for you to reap what you sow.

No longer can you keep lying and spinning your tales, as the American people now know.

You proudly say you support veterans and then gladly cut their food stamps and subsistence

Concerning the Affordable Care Act for all Americans, you continue your path of resistance!

The House has spent $56.55 million on votes, voting forty different times, to repeal the ACA

Will you ever learn to care, or at least realize that our country is not wanting to go your way?


Starving the poor and middle-class is just fine, as long as the wealthy make another billion or two

Since1978 workers pay has increased 5.7%, but CEO pay has risen 725% , which is fine with you

Drilling, fracking, deregulation so cheaters can cheat better and believing everyone should own a gun

Trying to shut down our system of government, at a cost of $24 billion, you have so willingly done.

There is no humane mind-set from you; there is simply money in the billions to be made by the few

And because of that, Social Security, Medicare and Medicade are the programs you desire to undo.


No government control you yell, we need to stop supporting those who defraud us by being on welfare

But having the government pay you $174,000, 67 paid holidays and unlimited sick days seems quite fair.

“You cannot negotiate with people who say mine is mine but yours is negotiable” is a JFK phrase

And Americans are saying “no more mine is mine” to the House Republicans anti-American ways.

It is not too late to take a stand and choose to be the representative of the people who elected you.

I suggest you break away from your radical thinking and actions, or in 2014 we surely won’t choose you.


Patricia Bates
Asotin County