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Pictures of Cathy McMorris Rodgers

Are ya looking for pictures of Republican Cathy McMorris Rodgers?  Try Zimbio


Nurses: Safe Staffing Rally



As an other example of the growing movement for safe staffing levels of nurses and other medial professionals, RN’s across Washington State took part in a Day of Unity.  Their message to citizens of the State is that our State facilities are understaffed and deserve respect for taking care of our communities most vulnerable. The RN’s at Eastern State edical Hospital put themselves at risk everyday of assaults by community members who suffer from mental illness.

As shown in the picture to the right, nurses in Spokane Washington Rallied near downtown.   Most were nurses from Eastern State Hospital in Medical Lake.

According to KHQ TV, Sharon Silar, a nurse at the Eastern State Hospital, said “What I do feel and other nurses feel is that it’s not a safe environment for patients or staff anymore, so that’s why we are here.”

Nurses told KHQ that understaffing and budget cuts over the years have lead to a dangerous environment.

Silar says she’s seen patients attack each other, and even had patients assault staff members — something that happened to her last year.

“It was pretty traumatic for the two of us,” Silar says. “What I do know is we were short. If we would’ve been meeting her needs throughout the day, I don’t think it would’ve let to this”

After surgery and a long recovery, Silar is about to return to work for the first time — but it won’t be easy.

Unfortunately, these RN’s face poor staffing due to low levels of recruitment and retention. Public sector RNs wages are below 18%-24% below private and, as a result, staff turnover is above 20%. To add insult to injury, state workers are facing increasing premiums to their healthcare. Along with higher wages and better benefits,  funding for staff training and education is needed to better prepare them to work with populations that are aggressive due to mood disorders and other types of mental illness.

To decrease the number of RN’s being injured due to assaults from patients, safe staffing solutions are needed. In order to retain and recruit quality staff, the STATE needs to address the above issues at the bargaining table to ensure our community stays safe and our most vulnerable are given the care they deserve by qualified medical staff.

We expect you to work!

We elect people to the House of Representatives believing they will work hard to represent us. Surprise! Members of the House of Representatives, who are paid $174,000 a year, just revealed their July to December work schedule. They have decided to work a total of 43 days from July to December. July they worked 16 days; in August they won’t work at all; September they will work 10, October the first two days; seven days in November and eight in December.

Let’s be optimistic and assume they will use those 43 days to really get some work done for the American people. Seems that won’t be happening either, as they have absolutely no policy proposals on their agenda. So what will they do with their 43 days? Their agenda says they are going to work on suing the President of the United States for not doing his job.

The House of Representatives richly deserve their “do-nothing, party of no” title.  Right now we have the chance to vote them out of office and replace them with working, caring representatives of the people. Get to know who will really represent you, then vote.


Patricia Bates

Clarkston, WA

Rebutting U.S. Rep. Cathy McMoriss Rodgers’ Rebuttal

Once again, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers puts partisanship ahead of people in Eastern Washington.  However, this time she puts partisanship ahead of truth.  Okay, I know McMorris has lied and intentionally misled voters before, but so many times on nationally TV with millions watching?

Washington State author, Timothy Egan, sums it up very well in the New York Times with his commentary on McMorris’ rebuttal to Barack Obama.

Well Research Article on McMorris: 5 Things to Know.

This is one of the best articles on McMorris I have seen.  I learned a few things myself.  It is at Heavy.com


Our 5th district representative, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, got a chance to speak after President Obama delivered his State of the Union message. As always, she presented us with a smooth exterior, hoping to convince Americans that the Republicans are doing the right thing. She assured us by stating, “ our (Republican) plan dreams big for everyone and turns its back on no one.” Oops, that’s not quite true Representative McMorris-Rodgers.  Let’s look at what you have done concerning dreams and support of everyone. You voted for sweeping cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, voted 46 times against health protection for all (while desiring insurance companies to deny coverage as they desired), voted to cut $40 billion from the food program that helps children, the elderly and the disabled and voted against women having fair pay. You also proposed limited protection for women, stating protection for some was a “side issue”. You want to honor immigrants by building a fence and then solving the issue “step by step.”. And the list goes on, but space does not.You may be living the American dream, Ms. McMorris Rodgers, but you clearly don’t want it for all of us.

Patricia Bates
Clarkston, WA

McMorris Wants to Kill the Affordable Care Act

(Letter-to-the-Editor)  I recently attended an afternoon meeting with Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The group was largely elderly, as it was three in the afternoon. She told us how bad Obamacare (Affordable Care Act)  was and after 40 times of trying to repeal it, she said now they are going to stop the law by defunding it.Surprisingly, some of the attendees seemed supportive of what she said.  I can only assume the group of supporters don’t know Cathy’s true beliefs and actions concerning health care and seniors.Cathy McMorris Rodgers supports sweeping cuts to  heath care, including Medicare.  She supports raising the Medicare age to 67 and wants to turn the Medicare program into a voucher system where seniors get stipends. Medicade would be turned into a block grant program. She also voted to allow health insurance companies to drop or raise the cost of our policies if we get sick and supported allowing insurance companies to deny coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

(Obamacare already prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to children or adults due to pre-existing conditions.) She also voted to make cuts to and privatize Social Security, giving Wall Street access to the money in our program.   It’s time we seniors turn up our hearing aids and put on our glasses to see and hear that this woman is definitely not supporting us!

Patricia Bates


McMorris Rodgers Contradictory on Children’s Issues

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is pregnant with her third child. McMorris Rodgers has the unusual distinction of being the only woman in Congress who has given birth to two children while in office.

The House of Representatives, with the support of McMorris Rodgers, passed a Farm Bill stripping away provisions for food stamps. Approximately 23 million U.S. children under the age of 18 receive food stamps now.
And “Child Abuse Rates climbing in Spokane County.” It is well-known that families that experience stress, which can be caused by food insecurity, are more likely to abuse their children.
It appears that McMorris Rodgers needs to lead in her position as a woman, wife and mother, and chair of the House Republican Conference, to support, uphold and protect the most vulnerable among us, our children. Who should be more concerned about the health and welfare of the children of Spokane and surrounding communities than a mother in Congress and our U.S. representative?
Nancy M. Street, Ph.D.

.                                                                                         Alas, Ms. Rodgers, we fear as a career politician your job is soon going to be over for you.

As the wise and angry people of the 5th district of Washington State clearly see what you do.

Partisan politics and climbing to the top are your goals; representing the people is just not you.

It’s clear that caring or knowing what we want, Ms. Rodgers, you just haven’t got a clue.


Like a lemming you blindly follow your party; too self-absorbed, uncaring and blind to see.

That with your personal and political desires the people in the 5th district no longer agree.

We no longer are willing to accept your lies, your hiding from us and spinning what you say.

Eight years of misrepresentation, the people of the 5th district are tired of you being this way.


Your form letters tout how very much you care, and not to worry, as you’ve got our backs.

Then you oppose paycheck fairness, protection for women and the Affordable Care Act.

Cutting funding for education from small children through college is where you stand.

Privatizing and educating only the wealthy children is your belief, not lending a helping hand.


Concerning the elderly, well to you they should get vouchers , and certainly no cost inflation.

And Medicaid, well, capped block grant programs is what you desire for the needy of our nation.

Billions in cuts for feeding hungry children, the elderly or the disabled, you agree wholly to support.

Stating protecting some women is a “side issue” is the representation of women that you purport.


You view the wealthy as truly important; the working class and poor just aren’t your concern

After all, it’s their problem that they didn’t work hard enough, so lots of riches they would earn.

So what if thousands of jobs are lost through the sequester, it won’t financially harm you

There’s no need for gun purchase background checks; just let people do what they’re inclined to do.


A strong, caring woman who is compassionate and listens to reason is simply not your forte

Instead we’ve been shown a weak, partisan, party-climber who is trying to have it her own way.

We didn’t put you in D.C. to be a rigid conservative with thoughts only of your personal power

We elected you to be strong leader, not stand in the background behind the GOP men and cower



Patricia Bates

Clarkston, WA

Hyper Partisanship and Grudges

.                                                                                                      Unfortunately, the hyper partisanship that the Walla Walla Union Bulletin sees in Cathy McMorris Rodgers can be found elsewhere. Morialekafa comments that


” …it is becoming more and more obvious our elected Congresspersons are now operating on the basis of personal grudges and animosities.

John McCain has confessed the Republican opposition to Senator Hagel can be traced to his criticism of former President Bush and his opposition to the Iraq war (never mind that Hagel was quite right about  all of this).

More importantly, however, is the now openly admitted opposition to President Obama because they do not like him. This is playground childishness if ever there was such, pathetic to the point of infantile rage. “

From Eastern Washington Liberal . . .

Listening to John McCain attempt to sound Senator-like, or as he has said “Country First”-like is very much akin to listening to a junior high jock try to defend his hazing of someone who has made him look bad.

.                                                                                                                     The media and blogosphere has been focusing on how Mit Romney running mate Paul Ryan’s budget would end medicare as we know it. Good. People need to know the truth about Paul Ryan. However, they also need to know that most Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives voted for the Ryan budget including Cathy McMorris Rodgers. So did our own Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.  Medicare would work just fine if it had more revenue going into the program.

Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers votes to end Medicare as we know it

Some local Spokane activists got Cathy McMorris-Rodgers on tape trying to deny her involvement in destroying Medicare.  Cathy McMorris-Rodgers is not a friend to the elderly.

Below is an email from Democracy for America that explains the national scene for Republicans such as Cathy McMorris-Rodgers.  Paul Ryan and his budget to destroy Medicare is not very popular among Americans.

Mitt Romney’s decision to name Paul Ryan as his VP has nationalized Ryan’s radical right-wing budget. Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program is front-page news across the country — and it’s killing House Republicans in their reelection campaigns.

Politico reports House Republicans are so panicked that John Boehner had to schedule a major conference call to calm them down.

So, what’s the Republican plan to counterattack? Lie about Democrats’ plans and try to convince the American public that Republicans are trying to “save” Medicare.

We can’t let them get away with that. They’re running scared and we need to deliver the knockout punch right now. We need to back up our Dean Dozen candidates — our 12 top-tier endorsed candidates — and deliver the resources they need to win.




Ryan’s plan to voucherize Medicare was a huge liability for Republicans — even before Romney named him as VP. Need proof? Just check out these polling numbers we got back last week in four of our Dean Dozen candidates’ districts:

Question: If you were faced with the choice of two candidates — one who supported preserving Medicare and Social Security without any cuts, and one who advocated for transitioning to a privatized voucher system — for whom would you vote?

CA-10 – Voters would vote for the candidate who would preserve Medicare 67-15

CO-06 – Voters would vote for the candidate who would preserve Medicare 59-22

NH-01 – Voters would vote for the candidate who would preserve Medicare 64-18

PA-08 – Voters would vote for the candidate who would preserve Medicare 67-16

Now that Paul Ryan is on the ticket, the Republican plan to voucherize Medicare is a national news story and a huge political loser for House Republicans.

Simply put: Paul Ryan’s plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program puts the House in play.




Thank you for all that you do.


Michael Langenmayr, Political Director
Democracy for America

Stay tuned for more information on Cathy McMorris Rodgers’ efforts to undermine medicare and access to healthcare in general.

(Update: Cathy McMorris Rodgers also actively supported and voted for the sequester, which contained “automatic cuts”  to vital services and “slashed $86 million from family planning and reproductive health care for poor women.”  This was one of the stupidest budget cuts ever and likely to result in thousands of unwanted pregnancies.  Despite the fact that birth control technology has few side effects, Republicans are still trying to role back access to it.)