On Sept. 19, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers issued a press release after she voted to reduce funding for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps) by $40 billion over 10 years – $4 billion per year – with the headline, “McMorris Rodgers Votes for Nutrition Reform, Preserving Eastern Washington’s Safety Net.” Twisting and turning the truth, and obfuscating in an Orwellian fashion seems to be her expertise, as it appears to be the political practice of the day.

Is she counting on constituents being ignorant or stupid in being deceived by this obvious attempt at deception? Removing $4 billion a year from food stamps is not supporting our women and children and not preserving a safety net. Rather, it withdraws food security from our people in poverty, which disproportionately affects children, the most vulnerable among us.

What kind of a country does McMorris Rodgers envision: Begging children coming up to cars stopped at intersections, like I saw in Africa’s developing countries?

McMorris Rodgers should represent all her constituents – not only the businesspeople, military and farmers – and meet with educators and college students, the homeless, social service workers – and children.

Nancy Street